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Spring Snows 7/19/2024
-$200.00 per day per hunter.
-These are FULL day hunts.
-No Bird limit.
-Unlimited possession limit.
-Unplugged shotguns.
-Electronic calls.
Spring snow goose hunts are an awesome way to experience and see mother nature at her prime! Anything from pintails booming the spread, to honkers at your foot bags, mother nature will put on a show no matter what. The Spring snow goose hunt in South Dakota is by far the most intense hunting of all. Please join us for a hunt in the Month of March and Early April and see if we can put some Snow Geese down together! We hunt over a spread of 1000 Sillosock snow goose decoys and use electronic callers. We will travel to wherever the birds are, whether it be southern SD or northern SD, we will be there! We set a maximum of 10 hunters per field, including the guides. Get ready! It will be a hunt you won’t want to miss! Hope to see you in the field!
Trevor Luedke
70 Photos In Album
4-1-09 AM hunt results
3-18-09 and a band!
White Bellied Blue.
3-16-09 hunt results
MWF.COM 3-15-09 AM hunt results. Ended with 38
MWF.COM hunt 3-14-09

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